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Any one can invite people over and serve them drinks and food, but is that enough to have your guests raving about your party or event? There are many boring events out there, don’t let yours be one of them. You want your guests to feel special and doing this can be easier than you think.

It doesn’t have to be something huge to make your party or event memorable it can be the little touches that can make all the difference.

Many people enjoy this part of the party planning process as it can be fun and you can let your creative juices flow.

Some key tips to help you make your party memorable:



When planning a party and to make it memorable it helps to choose a theme. This doesn’t mean all of your guests have to dress in white or as their favourite movie stars – a theme can be discreet. Such as a particular color or cuisine. A creative theme can make your party feel special without adding too much to your budget. It will also help you come up with ideas for food, refreshments and decorations.


The best way to start to make your event memorable is in the invitation. You can be really creative here and it’s a really great way to get people excited about your party.

E-vites or electronic invitations are becoming much more popular these days. You can create intricate invitations using many web sites and programs or you can even use a social networking site to send an invitation or reminder to people on your guest list.

Think outside the box if you are considering posting an invite to your guests. You can make your invite stand out by using texture or smell. You can shape the invite to suit your theme or send something three dimensional. Place items inside the envelope to represent your theme like a casino chip for a poker night or a mini thong for a pool party.

When creating your invitations, ensure that all important details are included, like location, time, date, dress code, and so on. Providing directions can also be a great addition, especially for clients who have to travel some way to attend the party.



If you are going for a low key affair, but still want it to be memorable, make sure that you think high quality. Serve beautiful cocktails and splash out a bit more on spectacular food.



If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your event you may want to think of a surprise act. Maybe a contortionist inside a clear ball, that floats in your pool, or some fire jugglers. You could hire some glow furniture and a cocktail bar. Or transform your back yard into a middle eastern lounge with piles of cushions, low tables and colored glass lanterns. You could do something elegant and simple such as a pianist playing a grand piano on the balcony.


You can really let your imagination run free here, and we haven’t even gone over decorations! Candles, flowers, balloons, banners, lights etc….

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