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What is the point in going to all of the effort to throw an amazing party if you don’t get to enjoy it yourself? Here are some tips on how to get ready for your special occasion, how to look your best, feel relaxed so that you can join in on all the fun!


The host should always be the star of the show. Everyone is coming to spend time with you, right? You should look your best. Take this chance to look and feel fabulous. No doubt you spend most of your week in your jeans and t-shirt or work clothes, so why not let tonight be your night?

  • Struggling to decide what to wear? Think of a style inspiration. Find a role model. Look at magazines, trawl the Internet and find someone whose style you like. Study them and find an outfit you would love to wear and mimic it. Ask a stylish friend to help you shop for a second opinion. Do this well ahead of your party in case you find something that needs to be altered. Most hemlines can easily be adjusted and sleeves can be shortened.

  • Flaunt your assets and play down your flaws. Ladies – if you’ve got great legs, wear a short skirt or a dress with a fabulous slit. If you’re a larger lady, consider quality shapewear. Why not? Celebrities do!

  • Ladies – Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. Highlight your chosen outfit with dazzling jewels and killer heels.

  • Gents – Take this opportunity to dress it up a notch. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel good and confident.



Being organised is really the key to being a relaxed host. Follow the experts, have checklists and use them. Tick things off as you go. It helps you track your progress and it will help you feel confident that things under control. Plan well ahead, and shop for any non-perishable items well in advance.

Asking for help

Don’t feel as if you have to do everything yourself. Ask your friends or family to help. Give them shopping lists or allocate duties to them. If you have a friend with a great CD collection ask them to organise the playlist. If you have a friend who’s great at decorating ask them for some practical ideas. Invite a close friend to come by early to help you with the finishing touches and share that first drink together. Assign your partner to set up the bar and to do the ice run.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Many of your friends would love to help and it makes them feel part of the evening. Be sure to thank them by raising a toast to them during the night.


Take time out before your guests arrive. Have everything organised well in advance so you can take some time to get ready and pamper yourself. This will help you to be relaxed and ready when you greet your guests. You definitely don’t want to still be racing around tidying up or still hanging decorations.

Ladies – book in to see your hairdresser and get them to blow dry and style your hair for the evening. Beautifully styled hair makes us all feel fabulous. If you have something special in mind, take in a picture of the look you are after.

Why not get your makeup professionally done, too? Ensure you take a picture of something that you like or the look you are wanting to recreate. If you are wanting to go for something other than your normal makeup or look, and you’re doing it yourself, make sure you practice beforehand. If you are like me, anything more than foundation, mascara and lippy gets frightening. Practice is very necessary. You don’t want to look like a bad painting (…or the joker!).

Men – Why not book in for a professional shave, lock in a massage or get your hair styled too?


  1. Make your first priority to have fun. A happy host equals happy guests.

  2. Don’t try to perfect everything. Your guests are there to see you and have fun, not critique on how you have styled your house or set your dinner table.

  3. Plan well ahead. It really will help you to feel calm and relaxed if you’re 100% ready for your guests when they arrive.

  4. Give some of your guests stuff to do. Most people like to play an active role at a party. Assign someone to pouring drinks or clearing plates.

  5. Hide dirty dishes and glassware in the laundry or somewhere out of sight. Deal with them after the party.

  6. Holding a bigger party? Hire outside help, such as a caterer, or wait staff, to take the pressure off.

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